Hi! I’m Nichol, the Confetti creator!

I’m so glad you’re here!

I’ve served in the weddings and events industry as a professional since 2015. Though the first wedding I remember “working” was when I was in 6th grade, following my mom around. From there I grew up shadowing and then eventually working alongside my mom as a wedding planner. From running around the Julia Morgan house, and getting lost in all of the bedrooms within the Grand Island Mansion to wedding shows, styled shoots, vendor collaboration – I’ve been a part of it. And I’d be honored to help you showcase your wedding or event!

I’m a happily married 2018 bride who currently resides in Northern California. A family of four with the fluffiest dog, we travel often and love adventures.

When I’m not filming weddings you can find my little littles attached to me while I’m filming content at the Disney parks – shout out to @BibbidiBobbidiBestie

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